Tera- Mai Seichem

Seichem is an energetic healing system rediscovered by Patrick Zeigler. It has its origin in Ancient Egypt. It works with higher frequencies, being able to reach the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and causal body. Causal body is the transmigrating soul or jiva, separating from the physical body upon death. 

Traditional Seichem is fire energy Sakara. with the grounding qualities of earth, Reiki. Tera-Mai Seichem works with all 4 elemental healing rays: Earth- Reiki healing energy; Fire- Sakara; Air- Angeliclight; Water- Sophi-El.

Where Reiki is the great white light, Seichem is the Rainbow - both from the same place, but very different in experience. Seichem really opens up the psychic centres and students begin to work closely with various beings of the light. They connect the practitioner and their receiver to the highest frequencies of energy and the highest Cosmic levels of Consciousness. 

Kathleen Milner brought the Seichem energy together with Reiki attunement procedures to develop the Tera-Mai healing system, incorporating new symbols that were revealed to her. 


In this two days course you will learn:

  • Healing and Self-healing
  • Distance Healing 
  • Psychic Surgery  
  • Angelic Light 
  • Healing with Angels
  • Violet Flame
  • Pranic Healing and Balance
  • How to give the three Tera-Mai™ Seichem attunements
  • Meditations
  • Visualizations and Prayers
  • You will receive Seichem Attunements Levels 1, 2 and 3
  • Certification of completion


Investment: €350

Duration: 2 day

I have chosen to teach Reiki one-to-one because I believe that Reiki teaching goes beyond the rules and hands positions. It is a deep spiritual connection. I want you to have my undivided attention and support. 

Seichem Reiki is beautiful and powerful force that I will be happy to teach to all Usui Reiki Masters ૐ