About me and my work.

Hi everyone and welcome to my page. My name is Eliane Monteiro. I am here to offer you a unique experience with a range of holistic therapies that I have created after acquiring many qualifications and in connection to the higher source of light and love. My work is powerful and intuitive. In every session I will help you to lift up your body, mind and spirit.  Every individual has a particular need and life itself is in constant flux. The needs of today could be totally different to the needs of your next session. Due to the intuitive nature of my treatments, I am in a position to deal with these changing needs. To transform every session into a blissful experience, all treatments are empowered and protected by the healing love of Reiki.

ॐ I am an ITEC certified Holistic Therapist

 ॐ Usui Reiki Master - Kundalini Reiki Master - Seichem Reiki Master

 ॐ Reiki Teacher: Usui - Kundalini and Seichem

ॐ Certified Massage therapist

ॐ Reflexologist Member of the National Register of Reflexologists Ireland 

 ॐ Aromatherapist

ॐ Access Bars® Practitioner from the Access Consciousness Association.