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Eliane Monteiro

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Marlay House - Taylors Hills - Kellystown Road, Rathfarnham - D16V960

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Cancellation Policy 

When booking an appointment, you are agreeing to the standard 24-hour cancellation policy. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice and no shows will incur the full appointment fee.

Important Information 

Holistic Therapies are not a medical act, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, positive thinking, witchcraft or magic. They are treatments to help you heal the individual, body, mind and spirit. It helps you to gradually clear limiting beliefs and insert new information in the individual to leverage their growth, in all areas.

Holistic therapies, among other things, provides your body with an opportunity to return to its ideal state of balance, its natural vibration of health. However, I recommend that you consult a doctor on all questions regarding your health.

I advise against users of Holistic Therapies to partially or totally discontinue any medical or psychological treatments they are undergoing. Your doctors and / or health care providers should continue to monitor your health and recommend any changes in your treatment.

Never delay seeking medical attention based solely on your interpretation of the content of the different Holistic Therapies available on the site.

In this work I make no promises and make no warranty regarding any questions, including those concerning the health of users.

You are solely responsible for your healthcare and any act contrary to it is your sole responsibility.