Women's Health - Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Women's Health - Manual Lymphatic Drainage


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60 Minutes Session:

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The lymphatic system is a complex network of vessels that move fluid, aka Lymph, through the body.  Although fluid moves through the lymphatic system, it does not have its own pumping mechanism.  Manual Lymphatic drainage is a type of therapy that helps lymph flow more easily.

 Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage


 Fight swelling and fluid retention

 Help fight cellulite

 Assist in the recovery of muscle and joint injuries

Accelerates Tissue healing

Reduce bruising

Improve blood, venous and lymphatic circulation

Oxygenate the tissues more adequately

Collaborates for the elimination of toxins from the body

Improves self-esteem 

Keep the cells irrigated

Drain toxins, waste from the metabolism process and maintain the balance of hydration in the cells.  

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is indicated for cases of poor blood circulation, varicose veins, muscle tension, migraine, hypertension and even sinusitis.  In addition, by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, it is great for relaxing and warding off stress.

Regular Lymphatic Drainage is very powerful to help the body's defences and the process of the immune system to do its cleansing more rapidly. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is contraindicated for those who suffer from renal failure, thrombosis, hyperthyroidism and for patients with tumors in the lymphatic system. Consult your doctor for more information.

I advise against users of Holistic Therapies to partially or totally discontinue any medical or psychological treatments they are undergoing. Your doctors and/or health care providers should continue to monitor your health and recommend any changes in your treatment.