Women's Health - Heavenly Massage

Women's Health - Heavenly Massage


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Garshana Dry body brush & aromatherapy massage - Reiki Energy Healing

I’d like to introduce  “Heavenly Massage''. This is my unique signature massage that combines bodywork muscle tension release with lymphatic massage.

It starts with a Garshana dry body brush, followed by aromatherapy massage, and to seal this beautiful treatment, Reiki energy healing*

Garshana dry body brush is a technique used in ancient Ayurveda medicine, with many Lymphatic benefits. 

Dry Body brush & aromatherapy massage benefits:

  • Reduction of cellulite appearance 
  • Stimulate cell renewal through gentle exfoliation 
  • Pore unclogging for better absorption of creams and oils 
  • Stress relief and muscle tension reduction
  • Stimulate the lymphatic system
  • Increasing the elimination of toxins
  • Increased circulation, resulting in more energy 
  • Increased skin freshness 
  • Helps reduce fluid retention  
  • Helps in intestinal transit
  • Improves body contouring 
  • Air cushioned base provides a comfortable and deeper massage

Can it get any better? 

Yes it can! with a mini Reiki session to seal with light & love

Your energy levels are so important to maintaining a healthy  body and mind. As a Reiki master, I want to make sure that all my clients are receiving their treatment on a spiritual level. In this heavenly massage session, I will bring Reiki energy healing, to balance your chakras and seal your aura with light, love and protection. 

*This is not one hour Reiki session

My new heavenly signature  massage therapy treats Body, Mind and Soul. 

Please save 90 minutes for this treatment. 


  • Essential oils are part of this treatment (optional)
  • Crystals are used during Reiki
  • Note that it is not a deep tissue massage.

All treatments are empowered with the blessed Reiki Energy Healing


I advise against users of Holistic Therapies to partially or totally discontinue any medical or psychological treatments they are undergoing. Your doctors and/or health care providers should continue to monitor your health and recommend any changes in your treatment.